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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


lebron james show off miami spots in samsung galaxy note ii commercial...(VIDEO)

Have anyone beside us seen this commercial, perhaps yes! 
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We are liking the commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy Note II mobile phone featuring NBA Champ Lebron James.   Its smooth sailing; the commercial got some Miami swag moments in there, Lebron take us through the hoods of Miami and all; yeah it touch home for us. You should have gotten that by now. Any who enough of the small talk, watch the commercial here:


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Detail of  Lebron and  commerical per huffingtonpost:
"Samsung has smartly cast basketball player Lebron James as the lead spokesman for the Galaxy Note II, its even-huger followup to the already-huge (and surprisingly successful) Galaxy Note smartphone, released in 2011.

Hiring Lebron was a canny move (even if it means Samsung is almost assured to sellzero Galaxy Notes in Cleveland because of it) for one very specific reason: The man possesses enormous, gigantic, gargantuan hands. Lebron's hands are way bigger than your hands, hands that can palm a basketball with ease, hands that would stretch out your mittens if you let him borrow them." Read more or Snap Here.

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