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Thursday, November 8, 2012


is diva tamar & hubby vince having a little tamonster!

Earlier we posted about rumors of  singer Ciara being pregnant, and speaking of pregnant dose Tamar got a little life growing inside of her.  Reports has it that the Diva is finally knocked-up.com. If the Diva is expecting this will be the couple first child, and we know Dad Vince is a happy snapper!

Per SandraRose:

According to a close family member, Tamar Braxton is pregnant with her first child. Tamar is not a friend of the blog, in case you were wondering.

According to a confidential source, Tamar, who is barren, was artificially inseminated by in vitro fertilization. Congrats to Tamar’s husband, Vince Herbert, who has struggled to get Tamar pregnant.

Tamar and Vince are in Las Vegas attending the 2012 Soul Train Awards. According to my source, Vince recently underwent lap band surgery, and as a result he has lost a ton of weight.

If the couple are Preggo... Congrads !

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