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Monday, November 12, 2012


the new host of 106 & Park are a couple!

Call us late but this is news to hear. The new host of BET "106 & Park" Shorty Da prince & Paigion is a couple and have been for years.  What made all wonder about these two is when they showed up at the 2012 soul train awards Boo’d up.  Yes you read that right the youngsters were seen together throughout the entire show displaying their couple status.   

This does explain why they ran a callabo internet campaign to become the newest hosts of BET 106 & Park, and to think we thought her and Bow Wow was hooking up... Shame on our radar...Smh. Interesting tho!

After all Cute couple... What do you think?

*diva Snap* to the shocking love birds...pop those fingers!

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Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOO he is supposed tew be MINE....UH UH dis ain't going down....UH UH not on my watch

Anonymous said...

I think Shorty behaves immaturely sometimes. Bow Wow would've been a match for Paigion! It could be that Bow Wow is dating more classy chics... just saying.

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