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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Kenya Moore "I'll take your Man"!

From watching premiere of RHOA, the newbie Kenya Moore look like she will be turnt up throughout the taping of the reality show. Makes you question, where did Bravo find her from?  Kenya is loose from snapping at Cynthia potential models on the first episode to attempting to snap up Phaedra husband Apollo Nida's. Yes you reading that right! Kenya is bold for this attempt. Okay here the snap: per News LaLate.com

Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks’ husband, heat up the bizarre new RHOA storyline. When LALATE first broke news that Kenya Moore, Miss USA 1993, was joining the RHOA cast, it was unclear what her connection was this cast. But this season, Moore wants a certain “connection” that Phaedra is not happy with. Kenya Moore’s addition to the RHOA cast was similar to other casting changes for Bravo in recent months. Bravo recently across all their franchises have been adding housewives that never lived in their actual cities until production began. Kenya Moore admits that she moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta just for RHOA production.

*Diva Snap* to this Drama...Pop those Fingers!

Watch Vid of what will be going on this season here:

Watch RHOA Phadera and Porsha Snap about this Season here: 

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