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Monday, November 5, 2012


Did you watch Nicki Minaj Sets Everybody Straight on 

Reality Show My Truth?

Oh snap! We missed Diva Nicki Minaj reality show last night. Smh. No worry well catch it later. Any who today the Diva has been one of the top discussions around the web. But one snap that grap our attention about Diva Nicki is the fact that she is comparing herself to Jesus ("Claims to be Uber-Feminist".) Really! Do Nicki really think she the big Almighty, or is it all cyber talk.  Okay here the snap: Per Miami News Time: 

In the first 22-minute installment, Minaj takes us through her whirlwind schedule of recording, filming, interviews, rehearsals, and personal appearances. Basically, she doesn't have enough time and she's always worried about work. Quite often, Nicki's late for things because the people around her don't do their jobs well. Plus, she is a diva who refuses to wear anything in a room full of clothes. Because they're "not my colors." 

But the best part is definitely when she talks about her new song, "Freedom." 
"With the song 'Freedom,' I was able to write about all the things I'm juggling," she says. Then she delivers the first words to a song that we will surely be forced to listen to every hour for the next year. 

"They'll never thank me for opening doors/But they ain't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross." 
That's right, Minaj likens herself to Christ, because playing dress up and making funny noises is almost exactly like sacrificing yourself for the sins of mankind.
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