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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


what celeb kid is being a little diva just like her mom?

Just this week we saw an article about Celeb Kids who is following in their parent’s footsteps that feature the late Whitney Houston daughter Bobbi-Christina which was interesting to us. However we stumble upon another celeb kid that is too taking on the same path as her late mother. Guess who....? Scroll below...

Look like you need a little help, the celeb kid is the late Anna Nicole Smith daughter Dannielyn Birkhead. According to Belfast Telegraph: 
"Dannielynn Birkhead will star in a new campaign for Guess jeans nearly two decades after her late mother scored a coveted contract with the brand.

Guess launched Anna Nicole to mainstream success in 1993 with several sultry ads. Five years after her death, the youngster is to follow in her footsteps in a more youthful campaign.
Dannielynn's father Larry Birkhead confirmed the deal to Entertainment Tonight, calling it "a tribute to her mum".
"It was something I asked her if she wanted to do, and she said, 'Sure!'" he explained. "Dannielynn will look back someday and say, 'How cool! I got to be a Guess girl just like my mum.'"

Little Danielynn will be Modeling For Guess.

Congrad &*DIVA SNAP* to lil Dannielynn for taking over her mommy gig...POP THOSE FINGERS!


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