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Monday, November 26, 2012



Divas are human too; we fall in and out of love, just like any normal woman would. But what should a Diva do when the love of her life one day just get up  and walk out on her and the kids for all she know  as no apparent reason.  Do she go after him to get answers, or just leave well enough alone and move on while continue to hurt  wondering  what went wrong. 
Diva Snap

What does a Diva do? The one person that knows all about her deep scars from previous relationships. The man that she would honestly  NEVER expected this from, and this would be the reason why she would hurt so hard. When a Diva is heartbroken it not really about the love part of the relationship because men sure do come and they most certainly go. It's the bond that the two had, that deep friendship she thought they had; that I would never tell your deepest secret to anyone and you won't tell mines, and I got your back and you got mines forever type of thang. 

(Stated with Attitude)...Well we gone tell you what a Diva should do because  you sure do wants to deal with that broken heart and that intense emotional pain that is oh so real...   This broken heart is what going to make you a stronger Diva.  

Although it’s not easy to deal with  a broken heart due to the effect it have on you in many ways, like experiencing  intense anger, deep sadness to melancholy. Also having this painful emotion can cause some to even have mental breakdowns.   So what does a Diva do?  How does she deal with a broken heart?

1.    Diva let yourself feel the  anger, sadness, pain, happiness, depression.

2.   Cry your heart out when you feel like crying … let it out,  it feels better after.

3.   Be your Diva self  and do things  that makes you happy … write, go to your favorite restaurant, go to a movie, go buy something you like, go to the spa, hang out with your friends.

4.  Find someone you trust … snap, don’t keep it to yourself; let it out, talk about your emotions.

5.    Don’t over analyze every single word they said and action they did … in good times or doing that bad moment in time.

6.   Surround yourself with love ones or people or care about you … essential, friends and family will be your rock at this time.

7.   Be productive … work work work, focus on hobbies, kids, self... do what you love.

8.   Take care of your health … eats, exercise and stay active.

9.  Don’t harm yourself … we know those inner thought can  take over  you, but if you feel like you want to do harm to yourself please make sure to take control back and talk to someone ASAP.

10.   Boost your ego …  buy a new outfit, get a makeover and go out on the town, look at the GOOD in your life and focus on that.

Via singledatingdiva.com

But most importantly Diva, do take it one day at a time, just like the song (Broken Heart) said: 

But I guess I'm 
Lonely brokenhearted 
Life's not over 
I can start again 
While I'm lonely brokenhearted 
It's a hurting thing to get over

"Life's not over 
I can start again"

Brandy - Brokenhearted Feat. Wanya Morris:



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