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Monday, November 5, 2012


Our First Lady Michelle Obama & Celebs campaigning in Miami.

*Diva Snap* was in the building! Pop those Fingers!

First Lady Michelle Obama came to Miami  on last Thrusday Nov 2, 2012 for the final time before the Presidential snap on Tuesday Nov 6, 2012. And if we may add what a good historic time we had with the First lady. During the event there was a live band that kept us jooking, and celeb such as singer Marc Anthony and Gabrielle Union who came to speak and show there support to the president campaign...  We guest you can call these the behind the scene photos...Lol

Singer Marc Anthony 

Here the behind of scene photos taken by Diva Snap mobile phone...Lol

They are a little blur but you still can see what's going on.

The Band that had us jooking

Gabrielle Union

First Lady Mrs. Obama

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