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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Cee Lo Green - F--k You
Cee Lo Green - F--k You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cee Lo Green Accuser Says She Was Given Ecstasy!

We know by now that you have heard the reports of singer Ceelo Green being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a restaurant  Not only is Ceelo Green is being accused of sexual assault, the singer is also being call a drug user/dealer. Basically. We are fans of Ceelo and in this case we really don't know what to think or if this woman is telling the true. Any who here the snap on this story: per inquisitr.com, the woman state that "says the singer gave her ecstasy before having sex with her, TMZ reports.

the accuser says Green took her a downtown L.A. restaurant in July. The two had a drink, but she remembers nothing after that. She claims when she woke up she was lying naked in bed with Green in the room. Click link below to read more... 

We really hoping that this is not true. So on that note: Do you think Ceelo Green druged and sexually assault this woman? Leave comments below.

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