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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz are Smashing and he Sticking Her in the Butt!

Hold up wait a minute, Diva Nicki is who side Chick, no say it ain’t so. So word is out that a snitch is snappin and putting Diva Nicki on blast about her breaking up a happy home by smashing 2 Chainz on a regular. The snitch also claim that Nicki and 2 Chainz been hooking up since “I luv Dem Stripper” collaboration. Plus a close friend of 2 Chainz and his pregnant baby mama Kesha is claiming:

  • “2 Chains is cheating on his baby momma Kesha with Nicki Minaj — ever since they recorded “I Luv Dem strippers”, and they’re still smashing! 2 Chains said Nicki is a freak...that she’s totally into anal.”

Well in a way this kind of make a lot of sense to us, 2 chainz and Nicki have been on tour together, and  just back in August 2012, we attend Nicki Pink Friday concert and these two seem rather close (If you know what I mean). Smh so 2 chainz seriously beez in the trap.. (Lol)

Truu! *Diva Snap* to Nicki and 2Chainz makin Hits.... Pop those Fingers!

 2Chainz Happy home !

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