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Friday, October 12, 2012


Chris Brown is Sporting the Long Hair Don't Care! (Wig)

What the Snap (WTS!) is wrong with Chris Breezy! Come on C. Breezy what is going on in that loose mind of your these days.  C. Breezy upload a pic of himself wearing a long wig on Instagram... (Smh) We know Breezy can be like a Diva or should we say Divo sometime and switch up the hair colors. But we would not image him with a long lose wave wig on! Chris you better not wear this again. Or if you do. You better Werk you Attention Wh*re!

Should Chris get the *Diva Snap* or the *SnapS* for violating the man law...Lol...Pop those Fingers!

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Anonymous said...

Its probably his halloween costume

KEISHA said...

Yes it is getting close to Halloween

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