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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


REALITY SNAPS: When Shaunie O'Neal Speaks, She is Heard!

Which four Diva out of this group got kick to the snap?

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Head Diva and B-ball wifey reluctant Exec-producer Shaunie O'Neal announce some concerns about there needing to be some changes on the VH1′s hit reality show Basketball wives LA. But what we did not know that the changes were going involve the actual Reality Divas on the show… Wow! So by now we know that you have heard and seen this report everywhere. But do you know which Diva got snap on (Fired!)

These four women will not be asked back for season 3: Laura & 
Gloria Govan, Brooke, and Diva Malaysia ( aww we was fan of Malaysia)

Well *Diva Snap* to Draya & Jackie for continues the reality Diva Movement... Pop those Fingers!

What is your Thought, are you going to miss the Divas that will not be returning? Post your comments below.

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