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Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Houston Reality Show Debut Episode.

First off we missed the premiere of the Houston Reality Show... How silly of us that we forgot the show was going to debut yesterday! Anywho we're hearing that the show is really good and interesting and touching at the same time. Okay here the snap about the show Gary Houston, Whitney Houston’s brother, discusses Bobbi Kristina’s engagement to Nick Gordon in a meeting with the men of the family. After deliberating, they encourage Nick to reach out to Bobbi Kristina’s father to forge a relationship, but Gordon is opposed to the idea because of the assumed estranged relationship his fiancée has with her father; per MTV.com However the Tension in the house is real about Bobbi Kristen and her fiancée.

We def will be tune in from now on, so on that note: *Diva Snap* to the Houston and their Reality Show...Pop those Fingers!

Watch scene from the first eposide here: 100 White Roses:

Watch The Houstons: On Our own We got problems here:



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Click link to read more on the tension running through Whitney Houston’s surviving family members http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/15942308-421/familys-worries-about-bobbi-kristina-get-a-public-airing.html

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