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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


TI and Lil Wayne Ball in New Orleans, But what happen to the Club Scene!

TI featuring Lil Weezy new music video premiered last night on Vh1. The video shoot took place in New Orleans hood bringing Weezy back to his roots where his career first began. We are def feeling the song and the beat to it that make you want to bounce the bootay. But the video seem a little off from the lyrics in the track. We understand the video was by Mannie Fresh's bounce-inspired work during Cash money early days, which is all good, but TI, my Boo what happen to the club scene like the track saids. Now we may be wrong the club just maybe in the hood out there in N.O.  TI you kind of lost us on that part... Just Saying.  If you feeling the snap "Ball" you can hear the track on T.I's upcoming Trouble Man LP, due December 18. Click link below to read more...

*SnapS* to TI and Weezy New Snappin Vid.... Pop those Fingers! 

Watched official video here:


Watched Behind the Scene here:

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