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Monday, October 22, 2012


High School Life: The Ratchness that goes on After School!

WTS! Is going on at Miami Central High School during the after school hours... Well from these videos look like none of the student are getting along. Okay here the snap: A group of student are giving each other a snap down from teen female to teen male...We mean they are going at it! Where is the school Authority when you need them? A student recorded the entire snap down in a part 1, part 2, and part 3 version. However it get even better; if that what you want to call it. On the snap down part 2 a parent get out her red car while two student fight and push one of them on their heads. Smh! Where is the role model in this situation. High School is out of control nowaday...Damn Shame! Watch videos below. (These snap down took place last Friday Oct 12, 2012).

Video: Miami Central part 1:

Video: Miami Central part 2: Peak the parent by the red car.

Video: Miami Central part 3:

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