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Thursday, October 25, 2012


2 Chainz Turnt Up Wendy Show Today!

Yes, yes, yes! We are Wendy watcher...Lol  but did you just watched Wendy show this A.M.We  sure did! Although we have been not watching the Wendy show lately. Today we was def tune in because rapper 2 Chainz performed on the show... All I want for my Birthday is a big bootie gal (It's your Birthday)  and song I'm difference, yeah I'm different and of course we was jooking with the remote in our hands...Lol

P.S.  We are Fan of Diva Wendy... So you already know *Diva Snap* to Wendy Show for making up be turnt all the way up in the A.M. Snappin to 2 Chainz... Pop those Fingers!

If you missed Wendy Show with guest 2 Chainz, you can catch it tonight!

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