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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


the first human barbie doll!

 Living Barbie before and after plastic surgery pic...

WOW!  We know as a little girl we all wanted be a Barbie, and when Diva Nicki Minaj came out with her Barbie status this is really what made this dream kind of a reality for most.  In particular Valeria Lukyanova a young lady who took her dream of being a Barbie to the next level.  Valeria underwent plastic surgery to make her dream come true to look exactly like a real live Barbie Doll. However Valeria is also denying that she had surgical procedure so we have stumble  across some before and after pic of Valeria which clearly show a drastic change from her normal  look, which def proves that this is not all make up and photo-shoot. Click link below to read more…

Anywho *Diva Snap* to the Surgeon, he/she handle their 

business in this case (Lol)…Pop those Fingers!

     Watch Video here:


new photo-per v. magazine:


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