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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Is Jim Jones really on the Down Low!

We really are not sure about this, meaning that we really don't believe the hype. But then again we can be wrong. Okay here the Snap: According to Mediacheckout.net and Jim Jones twitters account:
 “The same women who is exposing Birdman, is now exposing Jim Jones, These rappers are flaming gay. This one is as clear as the sky that rapper Jim Jones likes trannies. Jim Jones won't be too happy with our friend exposing them. Oh yeah and our friend tranny has confirmed that she still does have her pieces (if you know what I mean) private parts.” 

If this is true all we can say is poor Chrissy...smh *Diva Snap* to that...Pop those Fingers!

Do You think this snap is really proving that Jim is gay?

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