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Saturday, October 13, 2012



What is up with this Rapper Gunplay we're thinking he's really trying to live up to his name "Gunplay". Gunplay have some angry issues he a hardcore snapper and not the snapper like we are, fun, hilarious and entertaining. Okay here the snap on Gunplay according to TMZ: 
  • Rapper Gunplay PULLED A FIREARM on his accountant during a meeting in April in an explosive fit of rage ... and the entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras. 
  • Gunplay allegedly stole a cell phone and a gold chain during the incident ... and was later charged with armed robbery. He turned himself in to Miami-Dade Police earlier this week. 
  • Gunplay -- real name Richard Morales Jr. -- also faces a second charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. 
  • According to the rapper's attorney, Gunplay could face life in prison if convicted on both counts.

By the way have Gunplay made any hit music lately or ever. Our first time of hearing of this snapper is the fight that took place at the BET HIP HOP Award 2012. Well we will just have to search to locate any music snap Gunplay made. This dude come play is from here (Miami) way to go...Smh. Watch Video below

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Click read more to watch Video: Gunplay has turned himself into Miami authorities on robbery charges.

Days after Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay turned himself into Miami authorities on 

robbery charges, footage of what went down has emerged.

To read more on this click here: http://www.sohh.com/2012/10/footage_of_gunplays_incarceration_hit_th.html

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