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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This murder has made headline. But this Comment is very Interesting!

We know that by now you all heard and saw on the news about the Miami Rapper Bizzle was murder on Monday night (Oct 15, 2012).   This is so sad considering that he was gun down while his kids were in his car at a local Miami car wash where he was part owner. Now rapper Bizzle family and community are snappin in search to find his killer, and we are pretty certain that this young rapper life was cut short over some hate.

But of course, with that said snap this, we was enjoying our time researching for some entertainment on you know WSHH right when we watched the video of this senseless crime, as we would scroll to view the comment of what the community was saying about the video. This is when we saw a comment that was umm... kind of out of line, all we can be  said here is talk about finding the killer… (See the comment below)

 Okay this is a person who lost his life trying to do the right thing in life, and how dare you make a comment as such… What a coward less Monkey (Just Saying)

 Okay yes there you have it... Watch Video here:

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