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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Jordin Sparks making Wedding Plans!

First we did not know Ms. Jordin was dating anyone. The last we knew of Ms. Jordin is that she talking care of business getting her health straight and to the point. Now we are hearing that Ms. Jordin will be making wedding plans soon.  

According to  US Weekly: who was able to catch Sparks at the City of Hope Honors Halston’s Ben Malka party in L.A, where the songstress gushed about her relationship with pop star Jason Derulo. Jason, who is recovering from a fall after missing a landing during a choreography practice and fracturing one of his vertebra, thinks that there is no better time than now to solidify their relationship. Jordin explained that the two have grown closer lately and is excited anticipating the big question.
 Aww how adorable for the young couple! I guess we’re out of touch on Jordin.

*Diva Snap* to Jordan & the Boo, congrads...Pop those Fingers!

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