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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Mr. 106 & Park is the new Host for sure! Yes it True!

Yesterday it was a rumor today it have been confirm that Bow Wow is the new host on 106 & park, and not only would it be one girl on his arm but two, along with another fella. Official Conrad to Bow Wow and all the new fresh faces that will be hosting! Like we said before he is a great host for 106 & Park! Click link to read more...

P.S. we think that Keke Palmer would be a great co-host with Mr. 106 & Park! BET need to check into that. read more on Keke & Bow Wow below.

*SnapS* to Bow Wow and his new Co-star…Pop those Fingers!

Although we know that Keke Palmer was on BET 106 & Park on yesterday October 1, 2012 as a guest (just in case you missed it). We think that Keke and Bow Wow would have made an awesome Host for the show see for yourself!

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