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Monday, October 29, 2012

HALLOWEEN DIVA: Christina Milian,Toya Wright, Hilary Duff and more HALLOWEEN PARTYING 2012 (PHOTO0

Remember Yestersday We Stated There more to where this came from.. 
Well here it is...Tune In!

Trick or Treat! See more Celebrites snappin in their Halloween Costume below.

Christina Milian  joined a few of her celebrity friends at Greystone Manor's "Very Special"  Hennessy Halloween party.

Toya Wright continues her Birthday Weekend at her Halloween Party n New Orleans as Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, Jermaine Dupri was ready to walk on the moon 

at Greystone Manor's "Very Special"  Hennessy Halloween party.

Hilary Duff is totally spooking us out.


Trina Braxton as Wonder Woman

Rapper Antwan "Big Bo" Patton were Darth Vader from Star Wars during his annual Big Kidz Foundation Halloween costume party last weekend (October 27, 2012)

Lala Vasquez-Anthony imitates a feline…

What Do you think of these Celeb in their Costumes, post comment below.*Diva Snap* to Celeb enjoying the Halloween Fun...Pop those Fingers!

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