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Monday, October 1, 2012


We're Guessing...! Rumor has its Bow Wow. 

On Friday we said our official goodbye to Terrence J and Rocsi, after being the great Hosts for seven years. But today rumor mill has it that Bow Wow maybe the new face and voice on BET 106 & Park. Considering that for the last couple of months the network has been on the search for some fresh faces who could possibly be the next Hosts of the fan-favorite show 106 & Park.

If this rumor is true we think that Bow Wow would be awesome Host for 106 & Park. (He is known as Mr. 106 & Park anyhow) We may watch the show more often than not if this is the case.

However, if Bow Wow is the host we are wondering who will be the lady on his arms. A few months ago we saw tweets about some ladies from Oxygen Bad Girl Club claiming they have been interview for the spot... Per one BGC snappin Diva tweet whom we saw for our self was Tiara Hodge who tweeted “she had auditioned” but no further snap was reported on that. (Another rumor prehaps)

 Any who we will wait to see, until then *SnapS* goes to Bow Wow on hoping the Hosting gig is yours…Pop those Fingers!

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RapDiva Stacy said...

Like you said if it true he would be a good host! I too want to know who the female will be!

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