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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Its Sunday are You ready for some Football?
Well we are! Unlike Reggie Bush who claims he not ready to be a NFL Dad!

What the Snap (WTS) is up with Reggie and this sticky situation or is this situation is really sticky for him.  We think Reggie is thinking that he not going to let his ex boo diva Kim kardashian get all the attention nowadays. He wants to claim some of the attention snaps too... (Lol) Reggie is playing football not giving you the attention you want! 

Okay so here the snap: Reggie claim that this was an unexpected surprise for him when his new boo girl-chick (another Fake Kimmy) who he been dating for a year told him she was knock up!  According to Bossip.com Reggie claim he pissed about the whole situation, but his girl-chick is very adamant about keeping the baby. So Reggie isn’t going to fight her about it”.  Reggie why would you fight about this because you 're the one who was banging and snappin without a safe wrap… Another case of a Snappin fool… Reggie gets your life, in our Tamar voice. Click link below to read more.

*SnapS* to Reggie for making a touchdown in the baby daddy zone…Pop those Fingers!

This Chick in a way do resemble Kim K.

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Read more: http://bossip.com/658221/bossip-exclusive-reggie-bushs-busted-doppelganger-girlfriend-has-trapped-him-with-an-unplanned-gut-full-of-human-43081/

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