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Monday, October 1, 2012


Celebrities Turnt up at Chris Breezy Basketball Game in ATL.

If Atlanta isn't the city that turning up and turning out this year! 
I remember back in the day Miami was the city known for the Celeb Basketball game which use to be sponsor and put together by B-ball player Alonzo Mourning... What ever happen to this in the MIA? I still have my throwback pics of one of the first celeb B-Ball game with rapper Trina (when she first came out), as well as the Cash Money Camp! (Remember them).

Anywho per Bossip.com “Chris Breezy hosted a charity basketball game over the weekend that brought out plenty of his celebrity friends and raised money for a good cause”. And it look like a lot of celebrity turn out, except Chris biggest celebrity friend Diva Ri-Ri (Rihanna) was she not invited or did she not know.. Well we didn't see her tweeting any support to Chris about this as well... (Lol) Just being a little messyClick below to read more… 

*SnapS* to Chris Breezy on his Charity Event... Pop those Fingers!

Celeb like Terrence J, Memphitz & Toya Wright, Nelly and more came out ! Watch video below

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