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Friday, October 12, 2012


Doctors 'killed baby during birth and tried to cover it up with a Caesarean'.

Another WTS story. Can you believe this how dares the Doctors!
Okay here the snap: Per dailymail.com:
  • Arteisha Betts went into labor in March 2011 only 28 weeks and five days into her term.
  • Lawsuit claims doctor told Betts earlier that the baby must be delivered via C-section.
  • Mother says she was forced into vaginal delivery against her wishes 
  • Doctor pushed the baby's detached head and body back into birth canal, complaint states.

A Missouri couple has filed a lawsuit against a pair of obstetricians, accusing them of decapitating their baby during his 2011 delivery and then trying to hide it by shoving the child’s body and severed head back into the birth canal.
In a court complaint that reads like the script of a horror film, Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, of Florissant, described how doctors Gilbert Webb and Susan Moore had allegedly coerced them into a vaginal delivery against their wishes, and then severed their son's head.

This is so sad!  These Doctors need to be strip from all their licenses. Click link below to read more & see the Dr's behind this.

*Diva Snap* to the Couple… Praying they get justice and find peace from this horrible ordeal…Pop those fingers!

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