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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Rumor has it that Eddie Murphy Dumps Rocsi (BET 106 & Park) for Stalking, and is currently dating a Blonde.

Okay so here the Snap: Eddie Murphy call it quits with Rocsi because “She was constantly calling and texting, checking his social media and questioning about where he was and who he was with,” according to reports.

Honey Rocsi we did not know you was the jealous type. Although, word on the street is that Eddie says he does not get down like that, and this is why he ignores Rocsi calls. And to find out two week later Eddie is doing another thang as he was romantically seen dinning with a mystery blonde.Well  Rocsi  we sorry you had to find out this way.  

P.s. we did not like you and Eddie together anyhow... (Oops, lol)

We gone go right ahead & give Rocsi sum *Diva Snap*... Pop those Fingers!

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