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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Diva Janet Jackson is engage to a Billion dollar Man!

Wait a minute stop the Snap! When did this happen, we thought Diva Janet was still secretly dating Jermaine Dupri, despite the rumor that they was broke up. However it is being said that Diva Janet and her Billionaire been dating since 2010. So I guess we have been out of the loop about Diva Janet dating Jermaine. Anywho, there are other reports you state that The couple hope to tie the knot in Doha in Qatar where the billionaire was born and are making arrangements for the ceremony to take place in 2013, and this is going to be the wedding of the century." (post newspaper.com) To read more click link below…

P.S. The Couple not as attracted as we thought her and Jermaine was... We're guessing that cash is tho....Just Saying!

*Diva Snap* and Congrad to Diva Janet… Pop those Fingers!

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