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Friday, September 14, 2012


Chad Johnson Tweets about Evelyn and his Tattoos.

If you are feeling some kind of way about Chad, well don’t because Chad is keeping it real. Real cool about his sticky situation as he keep it snappin smooth and to the point as he replied back to some followers about how he feel about getting a Tattoo of is now ex wife Evelyn face on his leg. 

A Follower tweet to Chad: "Do you ever see yourself having a sit down with your wife”. Chad reply: "She on my leg so I can have that sits down anytime... (We thought that was funny...Lol).

Another follower tweet Chad and says: “You have lost it bruh!!!" Clearly Chad agreed as he would tweet back "I changed my last name to a number... I never had it to begin with..." (Well we know that for sure). From Chad mouth to our ears enough said about this snap. (Lol) At the end of the day Chad does “love us all”.

Now does this get *SnapS* or what...Pop those Fingers!

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