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Friday, September 21, 2012


Everyone is saying Like Father, Like Son!
WTS! (What the Snap)... Snoop Dogg and his oldest son Corde (18yrs old) does share a lot together even smoking that good California weed. Corde recently tweeted picture of him and old boy Snoop getting it cracking! (Smh)

Snoop what is going on here. We know you are the Weed King, but do you really want your son following in your footstep or to be even better than you. He had potential and a good scholarship; don’t let him fall short of that. Just saying! Shante (snoop wife) get in Corde and your H-Dog head and lay the smack down!

Shante lay down the *Diva Snap*… Pop those Fingers! (In a snappin way)!

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