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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Does costar Shekinah Anderson make the show Snap?

Okay here the snap: Shekinah is the hairstylist to Tiny and often than not appears on the scene of Ti and Tiny show A Family Hustle. During last night taping Shekinah went on this rampage about meeting Oprah on the show, and should we say it was very hood, and entertaining because the girl was Snappin! (Lol) However we were not the only ones who would find this amusing. Viewers went on twitter, and started tweeting about how Shekinah brings life to the show...Don't believe us see the tweet for yourself below.

I'm saying tho... Ti and Tiny knew exactly what they were doing when adding Shekinah to the show... I mean you can't do nothing but love this chick and her ghetto style... So we are thinking that we need to help support Shekinah in finding Oprah because we want to see more of her hood talk on TV... We just saying. (Lol)  

*Diva Snap* to Shekinah and helping her find Oprah… Pop those Fingers!


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