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Friday, September 28, 2012


A Miramar Mother of Five (5) Kids punch in her Face...

Single mother Myra Williams, is now speaking out after she was punched in the face while walking her kids to school. (WTS) What is the world coming too!  According to WSVN-TV.com Myra Williams, was walking her kids to school Thursday morning in Miramar. When a strange man was walking in her direction when he punched her in the face and took off running. "He just punched me right in the face and he took off running, and this was early in the morning while I’m walking my kids to school," said Williams. "She had no regards for my children and that’s not safe."

This is Crazy! Why would someone let alone a man out of no where walk up to a woman surrounded by her kids and do this to her. We as parents got to be very careful because nowadays it not safe to even walks your kids to school! We hope someone find this Fool who did this and snap and knock his a&& out! Just saying. Click link below to read more…

*Diva Snap* to Myra Williams for being strong & telling the world her story… Pop those Fingers!

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