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Friday, September 28, 2012


Did You Watch the Farewell Celebration for Terrence J and Rocsi on BET 106 & Park...?

 Aww the contracts are up and Terrence J and Rocsi had to say their final goodbyes on BET 106 & Park today Sept 28, 2012. Such a bitter-sweet moment we just gotten use to watching these two on the show; they was so cute in their own way.  However we're hearing a lot of Fans do not want them to go, but at the same time is hoping that BET have find some on the money snappin, swag out replacement.

Any who we was not big Fans of 106 and park since the Free and AJ days. So for us the new Host has to be the snap, because in our eyes 106 and park has not been the same since Free and AJ got snapped out. To read more on the Farewell Celebration click link below...

Are you going to miss seeing Free and AJ on BET 106 and Park? (Even though we will still be seeing them on the big scene).

*Diva Snap* & Farewell to Terrence J and Rocsi…Pop those Fingers!

Read more here: http://tv.broadwayworld.com/article/BET-to-Air-Farewell-Celebration-for-Terrence-Jenkins-Rocsi-Diaz-928-20120927#sthash.OlXKsZ0n.dpbs

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