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Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIVA SNAP WATCH: Like (LMS) If You Think They Get *Diva Snaps*

Did you watched the season Finale on VH1 Mama Drama?

If not you missed some good Snappin Drama.

Any who, as we are researching looking for Diva's who be Snappin we came across Whitney, Britney, And Lauren: The "Triple Threat" from Power Springs, GA. Loren, the 39 year-old mother of 21 year old twins, says she is a Diva and has to look good no matter where she goes.(Vh1.com) Not only is she a Diva she a Snappin Beast as well. 

So tell us Do you think Mama Lauren were Divaish on Mama Drama who deserve some *Diva Snaps*? 

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Your Kisses said...

I watched and really like + enjoy the drama on this show. Like mama Lauren give em DivaSnaps !

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