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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Rihanna Tweets she’s praying For Chris before his court day.

We are hearing all the snap about Rihanna tweeting Chris Brown best wishes before he goes to court, and or after finding out he reportedly failed a drug test, testing positive for marijuana.  However the big snap here is that word on the street is that Diva Ri-Ri and Chris is probably going to end up back together, and that a lot of the two Fans are going to be disappointed. Okay our thought here is that what the big freaking deal is if they become a couple again. Because we always liked Diva Ri-Ri and Chris together as a couple, they were snappin hot couple!  However, we were more disappointed when the drama roll in and they could no longer be together.

Apparently Ri-Ri has made it known that Chris was her first love, and obviously she still in love with him. So we say to Ri-Ri keep on tweeting and supporting your man! *Diva Snap* to that.... Pop those Fingers!

*Ri-Ri tweeted: “Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!!”

*Then Ri-Ri added:”@chrisbrown I’m praying for you and wishing u the best today.”

 *Chris replied: “Thank u so much.”


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