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Thursday, September 13, 2012


UPDATE: Chad Johnson Files Divorce Documents stating that “My Marriage Is Dead" and Plead not guilty to misdemeanor battery at the same damn time.

Well, well! Chad finally came to his senses and "finally accepted the fact that his marriage to Evelyn Lozada is over and has filed divorce docs in which he admits the union is “irretrievably broken" according to BBW.com. 

Chad must have realize after being charged with that misdemeanor battery, and getting a possible one year sentence for head butting his now ex wife  Evelyn Lozada is not worth it at all. The snapping moment for this new update on Chad is this had to be the wake up called for him. To read more on this story and Chad pleading not guilty to misdemeanor battery click link below.

Go Chad! We knew you can do it. *SnapS*

Read more: http://sulia.com/channel/vh1-basketball-wives/f/a7cc3325-d706-4382-9fcb-dbdd2f9c0b95/

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